INDEC Medical Systems

echoPlaque Extender™

Digital acquisition of live iLab™ case

INDECís echoPlaque Extender allows your echoPlaque 3.0 workstation to acquire directly from a Boston Scientific iLab™ system. You can now use echoPlaque 3.0 to visualize, analyze, and measure a live case by connecting directly to your iLab™.


echoPlaque Extender is a hardware/software option that can be added to an existing or a new echoPlaque system. The echoPlaque Extender option includes a series of additional digital acquisition tools that are integrated directly into your echoPlaque software. Images are acquired directly from the iLab™ machine using a DVI-D connection and a special hardware acquisition box. echoPlaque Extender is the ideal tool for those who want to have all of the power and features of echoPlaque during a live procedure.

Extender Features:
  • Real-time digital acquisition of live case
  • Use convenient echoPlaque tools to make measurements during live case
  • No need to open iLab™ files via CD/DVD, images are immediately in echoPlaque
  • No need to access iLab™ images from a DICOM PACS network, images are immediately in echoPlaque


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