INDEC Medical Systems

DICOM Courier™

Connect your INDEC workstation
to your DICOM PACS network

With INDECís new DICOM Courier software, you can now integrate your INDEC workstations into your DICOM PACS Network. Both new and existing echoPlaque 3.0 systems can now interface a DICOM PACS Network using the DICOM Courier software. Finally, the most popular IVUS analysis software in the world can be connected to a DICOM PACS Network.

DICOM Courier Features:
  • C-FIND: Query a DICOM PACS Server
  • C-MOVE: Retrieve image files from a DICOM PACS Server
  • C-STORE: Store image files on a DICOM PACS Server

Using DICOM Courier's Query function, a DICOM PACS Server can be searched for individual DICOM images. DICOM Courier allows the user to query and search using a variety of fields: Patient ID, Patient Name, Study Date, Image Modality, and more. DICOM images can then be retrieved from the DICOM PACS Server to the echoPlaque 3.0 system where they can be reviewed and analyzed using INDEC Medical software. After review and analysis, newly saved DICOM images can be stored back on your DICOM PACS Server. This means that any DICOM file that is saved by an INDEC echoPlaque 3.0 system can be archived on a DICOM PACS Server - and a key feature of the echoPlaque 3.0 software is that no measurements are lost when the image is stored to or retrieved from a DICOM PACS Server. All contour and measurement data are stored in special tags within the DICOM image. If a DICOM image is saved in echoPlaque and then stored on a DICOM PACS Server, the measurements will still be intact if the image is retrieved a week, a month, or a year later.



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