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echoPlaque 4.0

The most popular IVUS and OCT analysis software in the world. Used for image review, vessel segmentation, patient reporting, and detailed numerical reporting. echoPlaque offers a comprehensive set of in-depth, yet easy-to-use, tools for IVUS and OCT image analysis.

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Medical Imaging Bench (MIB)

Medical Imaging Bench (MIB) is a multi-modality, multi-image application for cardiovascular research. MIBís unique "display form" design allows multiple images to be opened and viewed simultaneously. Unique, easy to use tools allow for a wide range of IVUS Pre and Post or IVUS/OCT Co-Registration analysis. Features such as synchronized animation, image rotation (adjust and align vessel segments), and image merge (overlap and compare two vessel segments) all aid in Pre and Post or Co-Registration analysis.

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Medical Imaging Assistant (MIA)

Medical Imaging Assistant (MIA) is a versatile analysis application which supports video to DICOM conversion, mulitmodality review, an array of 2D measurements, customizable patient reports, and image databasing. MIA is sold as a stand-alone application or can be included with a fully integrated INDEC workstation.

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Galactica is an optional, add-on feature for INDEC imaging applications. Galactica allows users to take raw Boston Scientific Galaxy files and convert them to a Windows-compatible format for viewing, measurement, analysis, and reporting. A necessity for all Boston Scientific Galaxy users.

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Xtract allows users to open and convert multi-frame echoPlaque IVUS images to bitmaps, TIF images, and AVI animations which can be used in reports, publications, and presentations.

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