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Specifically designed for indexing, searching for, and retrieving IVUS and OCT files, INDECís Liberator software provides a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to a DICOM PACS server. The Liberator software builds and maintains a searchable database of medical files on a single computer system. INDEC analysis software (echoPlaque 4.0, Enhancer, MIB) can interface the Liberator system to Query and Retrieve archived files. Retrieved files are opened directly into INDEC analysis software. Newly acquired files, newly measured and saved files, or files on CD/DVD can all be easily stored and archived on the Liberator system. The ideal departmental storage solution.

Liberator Functionality

  • Software consists of two components: Liberator Watcher (installed on storage system and builds and maintains a database of medical files) and Liberator Query (installed on analysis workstations and acts as interface into database to query and retrieve files). Storage system also includes copy of Liberator Query and Viewer software
  • User specifies one or more "watched" locations where medical files will be stored
  • Database is automatically updated when a medical file is added to a "watched" location on the system running Liberator
  • Database contains medical image files as well as DAT spreadsheet files generated by echoPlaque
  • Database supports most DICOM files including IVUS, OCT, US, and XA


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