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Medical Imaging Bench (MIB) is a multi-modality, multi-image application for cardiovascular research. MIB’s unique “display form” design allows multiple images to be opened and viewed simultaneously. Unique, easy to use tools allow for a wide range of Pre and Post IVUS analysis. Features such as synchronized animation, image rotation (adjust and align vessel segments), and image merge (overlap and compare two vessel segments) all aid in MIB’s simultaneous Pre and Post analysis.

Medical Imaging Bench (MIB) Functionality

  • View multiple images simultaneously - ideal for Pre and Post Analysis
  • Can sync and co-register IVUS and OCT images
  • Image rotation for vessel alignment during Pre and Post analysis
  • Color Merge for vessel comparison during Pre and Post analysis
  • Image Colorization and Intensity tools
  • View all of your measurements drawn in echoPlaque or IVUS machine (iLab, Galaxy, s5) or create new measurements
  • Tiled and 3D views provide unique visualization options
  • Region Intensity Profiles for advanced research
  • Can open most medical files (IVUS, OCT, Angio, and CT DICOM; BMP; TIF; AVI; JPEG)
  • Save as DICOM, echoPlaque or export to AVI, WMV, BMP, TIF
  • Fully-compatible with INDEC's Liberator database software - query and retrieve files from remote storage system


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