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To make Boston Scientific Galaxy files easier to use for post procedure analysis, Galactica is the ideal solution. Save files in Galaxy native format and use them as direct input for volume measurement, additional analysis, presentation preparation and reporting. For easy access to your Galaxy native files to review, analyse, measure or use in presentations, use INDEC Systemsí unique Galactica option.

Galactica is a part of a family of solutions allowing further measurments, reporting and presentation preparation with Galaxy native files. This option can be added to the echoPlaque 3D measurement program, the only 3D program to accept Galaxy native files directly, as well as to the Enhancer viewer or the MIA 2D measurement and review program.


Read Galaxy native files into echoPlaque for futher analysis, including volume measurement. Galactica will allow you to review and measure your Galaxy native files from any Galaxy media - MO, CD or DVD. In addition, you can preserve the clinical contour measurements made during a case. If you have contour results saved with your pullback, Galactica will read these mesurements and allow them to be viewed by echoPlaque and used in further analysis.

When doing volume measurement analysis, save time by not having to convert your Galaxy files to DICOM each time. Write the Galaxy files directly to MO drive (Galaxy 1) or DVD (Galaxy 2) and use that to transfer the files to echoPlaque for further analysis.


Galactica Functionality
  • Use Galaxy native files as input for volume measurment
  • Transfer Galaxy 1 files from MO (Magneto Optical disk) to a Galaxy 2 DVD
  • Create AVI files from your Galaxy native files for presentation use
  • Read, review and measure your Galaxy native files from MO, CD or DVD
  • Export the raw RTheta data for research testing


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