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MIA (Medical Imaging Analysis) - Video to DICOM Conversion, Review and Analysis

Medical Imaging Assistant (MIA) incorporates video to DICOM conversion, multi-format acquisition, review, and analysis into one product. This is an easy way to convert your images to a standard digital file which can then be saved on hard disk, printed, written to DICOM CD,prepared for presentation or reviewed on your standard Windows based computer system, including your portable laptop. Images can be acquired from video, DICOM files, AVI movie file or over a network. You can even import or export single image file formats - jpg, tiff, bmp, as well as AVI movie format or DICOM. MIA offers major versatility in addition to time and cost savings.


MIA also includes support for custom reports in East Asian languages and character sets, including Japanese and Korean. Reports can be customized using Microsoft Word templates.

MIA is the first in a family of solutions designed for a variety of medical fields. Currently implemented are the IVUS and Generic solutions with others, such as echo and angio under development.

In addition, MIA has on-line Help and built in Tutorial Video clips for key functions.

MIA is the ideal, easy to use program for acquisition, conversion, and review from multiple formats and provides simple tools for measurements and annotation. All measurements can be automatically exported in a customized spreadsheet and both images and data are stored in an Access database with a built in query capability for easy storage and retrieval.

Images can be acquired from video, DICOM, AVI files or single image formats such as Tiff, BMP and JPG. In addition, images can be saved as AVI files, for movie formats, or written as DICOM files or saved as single images in Tiff, BMP or JPG.


MIA Functionality
  • Directly stream acquisition video to DICOM or AVI files
  • Display and digitize video at 30 fps - even on your laptop
  • Acquire from DICOM or AVI files. Read and review angio, and ultrasound images
  • Acquire from a network or send image as email from within MIA
  • Review your images at full 30 frames per second or step frame by frame
  • Read and review images of many types, with side by side comparison
  • Display full video image - no automatic cropping
  • Incorporates 2D measurement and analysis functions to enhance the versatility and performance
  • Annotate your images and export for presentations
  • Print formatted reports
  • Automatic export of customized spreadsheet file
  • Automatic creation of Access database with images and data
  • Built in query capability for database retrieval
  • Optional foot pedal to control acquisition
  • Full function versions available for desktop or laptop systems


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